A modern approach to the study in discipline of pathology

Pathology 3D is a unique program that enables students to interactively model pathological changes in various diseases and syndromes on 3D models of human organs.
Pathology 3D opens new learning opportunities

1. You can model morphological changes of various diseases and syndromes on 3D models of organs.

2. You can study manifestations, complications and outcomes of various diseases and syndromes, as well as micro- and macro-slides.

3. You can improve your skills in recognition of morphological changes and control your knowledge in pathology.









Strengthen your knowledge

Knowledge of pathology is a necessary stage in the training of doctors of any specialty.

Explaining the complex in simple terms

A comprehensible presentation of learning material and realistic visualization of pathological changes in human organs facilitate a faster and more efficient study of pathology.

Learn in virtual reality

The app allows you to – in a fascinating way – develop sustainable skills in recognition of morphological changes with the help of gamification and virtual reality

A modern approach to learning

The app conforms to the current international program for discipline of “Pathology”

Acquire knowledge by yourself

This app offers you a unique opportunity to learn by yourself whenever and wherever you want. Sharpen your skills and you’ll become the best!

Control your knowledge

Would you like to assess your knowledge? What of analyzing your progress? Do you want to identify your weaknesses and strengths? The modeling mode will help you out!

How it works

The simple and user-friendly interface of the interactive software makes it easier for you to find your way around when creating a model of a pathologically changed organ. The interface allows you to study pathology in a fascinating way.

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